You are About to Discover the Hidden Secrets To Developing a More Focused, Confident, Self-Disciplined and Physically Fit Child That Can Defend Themselves in Any Situation and Be A Leader NOT A Follower!...

Dear Parent,

As a Parent you prepare your child for life the very best way you can everyday, but what do you do about developing the confidence to Speak up for themselves? How about the ability to stay focused so they can set and achieve goals?  And what about developing the Self-Discipline to start and do the right things on their own?  There’s so many tools that we need to give our kids to be successful, yet there’s so little time and so many distractions. We all need Help!

 If there was a quick and easy way to accomplish all this while making it fun and exciting for your child would you be interested or at least be open minded??

 My name is Steve Logan and I am a Martial Arts Instructor, (And Parent) who specializes in teaching beginners and helping kids who live in the Kingstanding /Great Barr area become super successful. I’ve been teaching Thai Boxing for over 20 years. Look what some of our parents say

 ’Since my son Cameron started K-Star 18 months ago, he has boosted his confidence, discipline and fitness’’. Leanne, Cameron’s mom.

 ‘Since my son Joshua joined K-Star his confidence has really improved, he’s gained a lot of self esteem, it’s keeping him fit, giving him something to focus mind on after school.’’  David, Joshua’s Dad.

 Anyway…We are about to start a NEW Kids Beginners course. It’s a 4 week course for just £19.99!

 There’s NO Strings Attached and after your course there’s No Obligation. I think you’ll find our program beneficial and you can see for yourself all of the wonderful benefits that K-Star Thai Boxing Academy offers a family and, most importantly, I can meet you face to face. http://

Increased Confidence, Better Attitude, Improved Focus, Fitness, Self-Defense and Self Control are just the tip of the iceberg! Many of our local mom’s and dad’s are also discovering what a wonderful way Thai Boxing is to spend time with their families and get in great shape!

All you have to do is Click the button below to reserve your child's place on the course, then they will start to reap the benefits.


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