Thanks for taking part in our kids 4 week Beginners course, I hope you are enjoying your lessons.

This course lasts for 4 weeks. On this course, you can train twice per week, once you join the academy, you can train 7 days a week.

If you like it here and decide to join within the first 2 weeks, we will discount the £19.99 that you paid for the 4 week course off your first month’s training fees, so you would only have to pay £19 for an extra month’s training, that means

*you get 2 months training for just £39!!

*PLUS  we give you a FREE Uniform worth £30. What a bargain!!

Our normal monthly fees for full use of all the 4 K-Star gyms, plus all the classes etc is just £39 (via dd) So once a member you can use this gym and our 3 other gyms as often as you like.

Join in the first 2 weeks and pay just £19 then there is nothing else to pay until 2 months!!

If you don’t take advantage of the offer but do want to continue after the 4 week course, then you pay £39 at the end of your course and £39 again every month after that.

You would be CRAZY not to take us up on this offer.

You can get started straight away, just bring in your bank details to set up the Direct debit and see Steve, Adele or Tom on reception.

All the best

Steve Logan